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Breakdown Of The Judicial System
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To Start, Let Us Examine The Beginning
The Arrest Warrant (click)
*(Update, the warrant has been removed from online, and is no longer viewable.. why?)

This link is (*WAS) to the Ventura County, Ca. arrest warrant for Andrew Luster. If you have read the previous pages, you will clearly see that the arrest warrant was written based on false statements by the accuser. We will, however, add more content to this page to support these facts. We feel an appeal, is definetly needed in this case. If, in an appeal, he was found guilty of something.

Would the California Supreme Court be as likley to uphold all 86 charges if ever heard (obviously unlikely) and uphold the sentence Mr. Luster of 124 years? We feel the California Supreme Court would NOT be influenced by back and forth perjurious testimony, media influences, nor emotions gone sour.

In view of Andrew Luster's flight while in trial and under bond, he saw the hampering of his attorney and the derailment of his case and realized there was no fairness.

You too would run, if standing on the tracks with a train coming.

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Where is justice? Where is fair?