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If he were a Professional Boxer would he have faced only 3 years?

Andrew Luster, a criminal?
A victim of another type?

Andrew and his dog he rescued from a shelter
What about the human side of people?
The media never shows it (--it's not TV "ratings worthy" enough--).
Did all the publicity ruin his chances for an appeal?
Explore this web site and see what you think.


Andrew and his dog he rescued from a shelter
Is this the house they show in the "made for TV movie?"
They could have shown the real front of the house, but they chose to show a mansion.
Why would they distort reality to such a degree?
Explore this web site and see what you think. _____________________________________________________

Five Points To Consider

1. The "witness 1" who first brought a criminal complaint against Andrew, lied in her sworn affidavit (statement) to the police, the arrest warrant used this information to make the arrests. In the trial, it came out that she had done so, but no consideration was given to this fact. She had sex, with the man she was out with, in the back seat of Andrew's car, while Andrew and his friend sat in the front seat (on the way to Andrew's house). She went swimming in the ocean upon arrival. She had sex (conscious) with Andrew and his friend, at Andrew's house. She was aware that GHB was in a drink offered to her at Andrew's house. She was the first to go for money in a civil suit.

2. The "witness 2" who ended up marrying Andrew's neighbor, lived with Andrew for appx. six months, following the night in question. During that time, it is fact that she performed in porn videos for Andrew and kept books for him. At what point did she meet Andrew's neighbor (the man she is now married to), and under what circumstances? She too, filed a civil suit looking for millions.

A Personal Letter Received!
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3. The "witness 3" who was known as "the 17 year old" This witness came to know Andrew well prior to the night in question. She thought of him as a friend, and he, towards her as well. She was not aware that a "crime(?) was committed against her" until the police "made it known", AND she was NOT 17 at the time. She was within the age of consent, an adult. What were the motives for labeling her as such by the courts and the press? She filed suit for her millions as well (for a "crime" that had to be shown and explained to her by the police).

4. "Witnesses #2 and #3 were unaware that any so-called "crime" took place, until it was made known to them through the police. The police showed them the videos that they were in, and it was then that they became "aware". There is the testimony of the witnesses, that they were "not acting" during the video tapings. The motivation of them "not acting", is the desire to reap millions in civil suit monetary awards (and the court got their GUILTY verdict).

124 years, 124 years, 124 years, 124 years, 124 years, 124 years?

If a juror views this web site, please contact us. There are many people who would like to know your thoughts on this unprecedented harsh sentence.

5. If the police made it known, to the second two "witnesses" that a crime was committed against them, how much of this was coercion to gain evidence against Andrew? Much evidence was suppressed and the defense was blocked from bringing this evidence forth (the tapes had been "edited" and even the defense did not get to see the originals). The court even convicted, and sentenced Andrew in his absence, which is very rare. Flight does not always mean an admission of guilt, it just might represent fear.

Three witnesses, concerning 3 singular events, garnered 86 convictions. How is that possible? Are there other motives on the legal system's part, to give Andrew such an unprecedented punishment of 124 years?

We feel this case deserves deeper consideration, a second look. After viewing the contents of this website we think you will too.

Consider This: Robert Chambers (Preppy Murder) brutally raped and murdered Jennifer Levin. He was sentenced to 15 years, served time and is now a free man! Where Is Justice?

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Where is justice? Where is fair?