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Commentary From A Diligent Observer

This Is A Compelling Recap, From A Citizen Who Cares About Fairness from a Luster Forum

"Witness#1", met Andrew and Andrew's friend Michael K*** at a bar. She left with Andrew, Michael, and a friend of hers, known only as "David". She had sex with David in the back seat of the car on the way to Andrew’s house. She then stripped and skinny dipped in the ocean, after jumping off the pier near Andrew's house. She claimed Andrew slipped her GHB at the bar sometime that evening. An expert testified that GHB would take effect, and would potentially render someone unconscious in 15 minutes. Clearly more than 15 minutes lapsed between the time she consumed the first drink, left the bar with them, had sex in the back seat as they drove to Andrew's house, stripped, and skinny dipped. "David" admitted to lying to police regarding the sex with "Witness#1" enroute to the house.

"Witness#1" testified that she later accepted another drink from Mr. Luster at his house, after the skinny dipping, prior to having sex with Luster and Michael K*** in Luster's bed, while "David" supposedly slept on the sofa. A defense witness, Richard Wh***, later testified that it was Luster who was inebriated to the point that she was holding him up. Sergei Oni*****, an employee at the Spearmint Rhino refused to allow "Witness#1" into the club because she was "wasted". That was immediately before the 4 headed for Luster's house. Photo's taken that evening showed "Witness#1" sitting between Luster and Michael, smiling. She testified that when she asked Luster what was the drink he was offering her, he said "Liquid X". Doesn't this prove she knew what it was?

The approximate "half-life" of GHB in the body is 2 days-coincidentally, of course, she waited two days to report the "rape" to the police. She was advised by police to call Andrew and coached to tape the phone call and to use specific language in an effort to get him to say something incriminating, and to set up a rendezvous where the police then arrested him.

The excerpt of the conversation proved nothing beyond the fact they had used GHB and had sex. There was nothing incriminating in the portion of the call used to suggest guilt. Her report to the police and this subtle and deceptive phone conversation alone, in which he seemed more confused than anything, was used as probable cause to arrest Andrew Luster. As soon as he was in police custody, apparently being denied an attorney, police searched his apartment and found the amateur sex videos, porn, nude pictures, sex toys such as vibrators, etc., which the judge later allowed to be admitted and shown to the jury to prejudice them, and to suggest they should make the ridiculous leap that his possession of them meant he must be a rapist.

All of the above are legal items commonly found in the home of single, sexually active adult males. No tape confirming they had sex existed. No other proof was required. Her charge made only the local news. Only then did the other "victims", including "Witness#2", become aware that they were "raped?" after hearing of the charges, and going to the police station to be shown the videos of themselves.

NOTE: No GHB was ever found in Andrew Luster's home nor in his personal posession. Vials the police confiscated at his home contained only water.

"Witness#2", the most visible of the 3, (and the only one to appear in the A & E report) went home with him alone in the wee hours of the morning after being introduced to him at the bar a few hours earlier. She admitted to willingly taking GHB with him at his house that very night. This is the night the alleged crime took place. The tape of this particular incident was repeatedly said to show Andrew Luster "brutally violating her in a ferocious way as she snored audibly" (all acting?). NO BLOOD, NO PAIN, not even soreness the next day? She began a relationship with him and moved into his house 2 weeks later. This wasn’t just a sexual arrangement. They were "in love".

She claims to have only become aware that she was "raped" when she saw the media reports of "Witness#1"’s charge. According to her version, (several versions, of which she’s told) she was wearing the same clothes in the video, the cops showed her (no proof offered nor required) that she was wearing that night, or that this wasn’t one of the numerous consensual GHB sex sessions, simply her word again. In the several months she lived with Mr. Luster, she admitted to willingly taking GHB with him on a regular basis, allowing him to tape their sexual activities throughout that time. She can be seen acknowledging the camera on one of the tapes. She was actively involved in the soft-core adult movie production company owned by Andrew Luster, Deep Six Productions, although she denied this as well until forced to acknowledge her involvement on the stand. She also wrote letters and performed other tasks for the company. So far, it has been very difficult to discover the name of the fourth person present at the house that night in addition to "Victim/Witness#2", her sister, and Andrew Luster, or what he testified to, if anything.

The poisoning charge, one of the 87 counts, did not stick after she repeatedly changed her story regarding knowing what GHB was when she took it that first night. She lied on the stand regarding her consent to being taped having sex with him. That is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD. The judge suppressed the tape where she acknowledges the camera, refused to admit it into evidence, and wouldn’t allow the jury to view it or to be told of its existence. The prosecutor admitted to the same judge that she had in fact committed perjury when she denied allowing him to tape the encounters. No reprimand. No perjury charge. Nothing.

This was the incident which finally convinced Luster he had no hope of a fair trial and caused him to jump bond and flee. The Judge refused to allow the defense to cross examine her on this for another two weeks. The breakup of the relationship had been especially rancorous and bitter. She claimed in the A&E report that she became upset when seeing her picture added to the pictures of his former girlfriends and that it gave her "the creeps". He had to sue to recover money for a root canal. Of course, there was no mention of this or her lies in the A&E story. She said he’d told her he was worth 80 million.

After the breakup, she married his next door neighbor where she has continued to live to the present. How/when did she meet Andrew's neighbor, and under what circumstances? This is the same "victim" who was so "traumatized". She was either well coached or a consummate actress, judging from all the feigned emotion over something she wasn’t even aware of for 4 years, according to her testimony, which amounted to nothing more than what she had done consciously on all those other occasions. Then again, maybe it’s not that difficult with the right motivation... $$$$$$?

Reading between the lines of what she said last night, and knowing about the bitterness and hostility of the break up, in my opinion, this one smacks of the classic woman scorned. One also wonders if there wasn't some type of stalking behavior on her part considering that she moved next door to him. Coincidence? One could detect jealousy in what she said about the girlfriend photos, and could suspect she was disappointed that she wasn’t "the one". She went to police "thinking she could help with the investigation" after hearing of "Victim/Witness#1's charges. Luster was a good catch and she wanted to cash in one way or the other. It also provided the opportunity for revenge. One can speculate.

"Witness#3"- known only as "The Seventeen Year Old College Student"-they didn’t elaborate at all on this one beyond saying she went to his house all the time and felt safe there, but he supposedly "raped" her too. She was shown only in shadow, appeared to weigh around 180 lbs., and wasn’t attractive compared to the other two, though what, if any bearing that has, One wouldn’t know. She is much older now. IF she WAS 17, why wasn’t there a statutory rape charge among the 87 counts against him? It’s not as if they were pulling any punches and that would’ve been the easiest to prove. Ivy Y****, a friend of "Witness#3's testified for the defense that "Witness#3 had actually had a long-term sexual relationship with Andrew Luster. Two witnesses so far have committed brazen perjury in this case, given that both "Witness#2" and "David" lied regarding the critical issues to the case. The other two "victims" have serious credibility issues given their own behavior, and the testimony of witnesses.

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Where is justice? Where is fair?